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Our Vision

Just a bad experience means a lot for a great idea!

For a long time our team is focused on Mobility in different countries. Our life, our job brings us in the cities!

Visiting friends, go shopping, meeting customers, … all those good experiences means to go in city centers. Moving in the city is so fun but the constraints become more and more difficult to live with all traffic: 2 wheels, 3 wheels, Cars, Electric Cars, …

We want to make parking easier for all thanks to support and collaboration. It is necessary to find new spaces with all of us: parking spot owners, drivers, pedestrian, shopkeepers, … for all type of vehicles.

Downtown Parking

Smart Mobility

Traffic monitoring is a big issue! It becomes more complex with all type of vehicle cruising in the cities!


Number of cars in 2025 vs 2015

30% vehicles

Traffic cruising for vacant spot

20 minutes

Average Time to park in the cities

1 million

chargers claimed in the EU in 2024

Moreover cities needs to optimize spaces and parking for all type of vehicles.

160$ billion

US congestion costs by 2025

Notre histoire



6 month travel all over the worl to find my place!

All medium and big cities got the same problem to manage mobility and make downtowns easy! And some got good experiences and set up the idea to our App Spotiz!


Meeting with other people in India: Top 1 over traffic cities in the world! 

I meet very good people who knows perfectly this problem, and their passion to make life easier in this context. Our product team was on track.


What a special year! context is becoming really different and we decided to develop Spotiz App.  

9 months of development and new features arriving thanks to a very dynamic development team! 


Launching in 2 countries to make parking easier for all type of vehicles in cities!

Press & Medias

A subject debated by the media because it talks about mobility policies in cities and the constraints generated for users!


“Airbnb of the parking spot” to “smooth out the traffic.”

“The app that finds you a parking spot !”

“An app that will help you park but not only”

“Spotiz, the application welcome in Geneva for a collaborative and easy parking!”

“Spotiz: an app to facilitate parking in Geneva”