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Our App is free to use!

Add or book the best spot!

Why Spotiz?

add private spot logo

Win money with your Private spot free time!

You can rent your private parking spot free time availabilities to Spotiz community. It is very easy to add your spot with all details on the map.

The price for your selected location and time

Add electric spot

Charge now, your battery is low!

Find the closest charger to your location, you will be sure to keep on driving! You will have 5 chargers available here. Be directed into his charger station.

count of electric spot

You indicate a great Street spots in just 3 clicks 

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Save users time, you could be the next!

When you leave your street parking spot, or as a pedestrian, you can indicate a spot. Do it! you could be the next!

You indicate a great Street spots in just 3 clicks 

Be part of collaborative community to find great private and onstreet parking spots

Spot owners

You got private parking space? Earn money on free time!


Notify parking spots around you for your customers!


You can notify Street spots or book all parking spots!


Just support Spotiz community if you see a Street Spot!

Spotiz members are connected to support community to have sweet mobility in Smart City

All types of vehicles

Cities become Smart cities and not only cars cruises in the city, everyone is looking for his spot to enjoy it with easy mind.

2 wheels

So many around me

3 wheels

I need to park now


No spots to park

XL Car

I need big space


I want to charge now


I park at my destination

Book the parking spot you need at the right place

In Private spot

You can book and pay directly on the app for the best private spot you need, and for the vehicle you are using

No surprise, the right price for your selected location and time

we are helping people who are looking for an electric charging station

On the Street

Spotiz members give you the best information to park to the closest spot to your destination

It was declared 3 minutes ago! so you have a good chance to get it!

Check how it works!

Street Spot

Private Spot

Electric Spot

All questions you have about Spotiz App