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Why becoming a spot owner?

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Add or book the best spot!

Why becoming a spot owner?

You win money and you don’t pay your parking spots on Spotiz! 

Win money with your Private spot free time!

You can rent your private parking spot free time availabilities to Spotiz community. It is very easy to add your spot with all details on the map.

You can get money into your bank account or use it when you need to park!


Help drivers finding a parking spots!

Spotiz users look for a specific parking spot, because they need the best place for their type of vehicle. And it can be cheaper than other spots.

Drivers will find a great Street spots in 1 click! 

What is a private spot?

A private spot is a private location that is owned by an authorized owner or person. It is not a public spot. The spot owner can be an individual, a store, a parking professionnal or a company.


You got private parking space? Earn money on free time!


You notify your parking spots for your customers!


You can have reservations for new vehicle type


You can rent the free time of your parking spaces

Be part of collaborative community to add great private spots!

Rent your private spot as you are!

You got space to park a vehicle? or free time to your parking spot?

This location can be rented when it is available. Either because you do not have a vehicle, or because when your vehicle is not parked there, you can rent this time of availability. Or because you have space to rent to 2 wheels.

Example: when you go to work during the day, you can rent this free time from your private spot.

Spotiz app manages all workflows to support you!

The dynamic map is a real time marketplace to display your parking spot according to your parameters: availability, price, minimum reservation time, you tell us how to access to your spot … You can have as many spots as you want.

You just have to checks your bookings and to your best for your drivers to have a nice stay.

How it works?

Just 1 step to add your private spot, you can do it in 5 minutes!

Add your spot

Add the spot with its specificities: address, access, advantages, features ...

add private spot 1

Spotiz approval

Spotiz approves your spot within 72 hours for minimum quality standards

add private spot 3

Adjust your settings

Once approved, indicate the availability and price of your spot.

spot -booking

All types of vehicles

Cities become Smart cities and not only cars cruises in the city, everyone is looking for his spot to enjoy it with easy mind.

2 wheels

More and more

3 wheels

I need to park now


No spots anymore

XL Car

I need big space


Low ground clearance


I park at my destination

Electric charging

For each type of vehicle, you have the electric vehicle functionality in the spot features: you can find spots that have chargers in case of need!

Private spot Equipment

You have specific needs for your parking spot, just select the right features for your search! 


The spot is equipped with light to illuminate the space.


The spot is not accessible from outside.

Accessibility 24/24

The spot is accessible 24h/24h and 7d/7d.


The spot is indoors and in an enclosed area.


The spot is under surveillance of a guardian.

Electric charger

The spot is equipped with a charger for electric vehicle.


CCTV are available to control the space.

Payment workflow

Fully integrated and high secured

Flexible cancellation rules for owners!

You receive bookings automatically, you don’t validate it. So you can cancel a booking. Watch out there is an impact on the driver ! that is why you have to manage your spot availabilities. But you can cancel a spot if necessary.

72h before arriving time

You can cancel

You will be not be charged.

From 72h to 24h before arriving time

You can cancel

You will be charged 5% of booking amount!

From 72h to 24h before arriving time

You can cancel

You will be charged 10% of booking amount!

After booking arriving time

If your spot is not accessible to driver, cancel it!

You will be charged 25% of booking amount!

You support your city! Spotiz drivers instantly see your spot according to its availability and the reservations you have received!


Collaboration makes easy life.


You win time to find a parking spot.


You win energy in your vehicle.


You spend less gas finding your spot.


Less carbon dioxide cruising with car.

Spotiz members are connected to support community to have easy life in Smart City