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Why Spotiz?

Provide your mobility spot in a few clicks

You can offer your services by renting your private parking spot free time availabilities or sell your vehicle maintenance to Spotiz community.

It is very easy to add your spot with all details on the map.

The right service at the right price et the right location

Search Mobility spots from your hand

Find the closest vehicle spot to your location, you will see all services and prices on your smartphone! 

Search the best spot: closest, cheapest, recommended ...

When you leave your street parking spot, or as a pedestrian, you can indicate a spot. Do it! you could be the next!

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spot booking

Be part of collaborative community to find great private and onstreet parking spots

Spot providers

You want extra revenues and new customers


Sell your products to new customers!


You can book directly the best service!


You got skills or empty space!

All types of vehicles

Cities become Smart cities and not only cars cruises in the city, everyone is looking for his spot to enjoy it with easy mind.


2 Wheels

3 Wheels


XL Car


Electric charging


The vision of Spotiz is to the enhancement the sharing economy with link between people, and do local economy.

The Parking Spot, you can add or search parking spaces and charging stations with all booking process.

The Garage Spot, You can add or search for vehicle services as maintenance, tires, cleaning, towing, …


Create your spot

Fill in the information of your private place: the place, the advantages, the features (charger, covered, gate, …), the access modalities, details of your services, and the corresponding prices.

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document verification

Spotiz verifies identity

It is very important that our users are in a secure and reliable environment. That’s why we verify the owners’ information with our secure payment gateway.


Admin Approval the spot

The Spotiz team verifies the information and photos of your private space, so that we can publish quality information to users who want to use mobility services.

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spot availability setting

Set up your spot

You update the availability of your spot and the corresponding prices so that the spot is visible on the map. This can be changed at any time.



You receive the reservations in the application and by email with all the necessary details. You can contact the drivers, cancel reservations if necessary.

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Manage Wallet

Once the reservation is complete, you are credited to your Spotiz wallet! You can transfer the money to your bank account or use it for your own rentals in Spotiz. The parking will not cost you anything!

Tokenization is coming soon and you wil be closer to our economy models.



Select your vehicle type

Click on the vehicle icon, then select the vehicle you are using today! Your mobility makes you use different vehicles every day: car, motorcycle, large car, … you have a vehicle solution for every day!

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Select location

Fill in the address where you want to go. The map will update directly to that location to see what parking opportunities are available there! If you move the cursor on the map, update the spots with the “Search here” icon.

Search Address
Select subscription option


Subscription for Parking spaces?

You want a parking space with a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription. Check the “Subscription” button and select the type of subscription you want. The map will be updated with the according spots and prices!


Select your date and time

Put the date and time of arrival, the date and time of departure. The spots on the map will adjust with the price corresponding to the desired duration. For a subscription, put the departure time of your subscription.

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Filters : You want to see only Garage spots?

Go in filters, and select the specific services you need : Maintenance, Tires, Brake, Towing, …

Check how it works!

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