Make access to mall easier with Parking solution

Smart Park Manager

Spotiz Smart Park Manager supports malls to manage parking spots when drivers need to park in the mall. The app is fully integrated into our Driver Parking app whatever the vehicle type.

What we do

Spotiz Smart Park Manager supports malls to manage parking spots when drivers need to park in the mall. The app is fully integrated into our Driver Parking app whatever the vehicle type.


All vehicles

Types of vehicle

Manage different
types of parking: 2
wheels, Cars,
XL Car, disabled
people, …



Entrance & Exit

Track inbound
and outbound
the traffic of vehicles,
with all vehicle




Parking spots

Define and
manage to park
spaces, according
to your needs
and process.



Parking spots

Track occupied
and available
parking spots
to have the right
direction to

How it works?

Fluidify the traffic in your parking space and your customers will no longer wait to access your shopping center! Make it a competitive advantage!

How it works?

The parking lot attendant scans the vehicle’s license plate when a vehicle enters the parking lot.


The amount of payment
parking for is notified
according to the type of

Parking spot

The application automatically
suggests the next available
parking space to park that


The employee prints the ticket with a barcode with Bluetooth connected printer (if necessary).


The driver parks his vehicle in the mall parking and goes shopping.


Scan exit

The parking attendant scans the vehicle’s license plate or ticket to make the payment if necessary.

We are proud to make access to mall easier with Parking solution

No more


No need to buy

huge equipment

No more long


No need to

print tickets

And totally







Registration and Download

Why you use park manager application

Very simple and quick to implement.

Completely integrated with the Spotiz user application, you automate access and payment to your space just by scanning vehicle license plates!

Smart Park Manager allows you to speed up and manage the access to your parking!

Low cost and maintenance

A smartphone is all you need! No need for any computer equipment or printing, the entire process is digitalized for maximum productivity. The advantage is that the cost of use is very low and the implementation process takes only a few minutes.

Digital payment

The payment process is fully automated, taking into account the entry and exit times of your customers, as well as your parking rules. The payment integration is fully integrated with the Spotiz application that generates the payment in your system.

Realtime status of payment collections and parking availability

Smart Parking Management manages payment flows based on vehicle entry and exit data. You can also set the parking conditions and availability of your parking lot.

3 Types of Spots

Electric spot

Find the nearest charger for Electric Vehicle! When you need to charge it is as soon as possible and close to your location! 

  • Select the correct type of charger: Type 1, Type 2, or Tesla, …

  • The location of available chargers is displayed automatically by providers or users

  • Go and charge your vehicle!

Go into Private Spot spaces that got a charger:

  • It will be only for you

  • You can book it in advance

  • You pay easily in the app

Private spot

As an owner, Monetize your Private spot availability with complete control! You can rent your private parking spot for free time availabilities to Spotiz community. It is straightforward to add your spot with all details on the map.

  • All booking and payment processes are fully integrated into the app

  • You can add as many spots as you want for any type of vehicles

  • You can use your credits to park in your turn in the city”

As a driver, A private place is just for you! You can rent a private space for as long as you want thanks to the new parking spaces created by the Spotiz community!

  • You can see with just a click all the private spots near your destination, and compare the prices and features as per your desire!

Street Spot

Add Street spots on the map in just 3 clicks!

When you leave your street parking spot, you can indicate this spot to Spotiz members! 

  • Select the correct vehicle: 2 wheels, Cars, Electric cars, …

  • The location is displayed automatically

  • Publish your Street Spot!

Then a driver can connect to your spot and find a parking space in a couple of minutes, he/she will save time, money stress, and pollution!

Why declare a street spot? The more spots you display, the more spots other users will claim.