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Spotiz drivers instantly see the private parking spots available

for 2 wheels, Car, Electric car, XL car, Sports car, …

Spotiz members are connected to the community to facilitate the last mile mobility in smart cities.


Collaboration makes life easier.

Time saving

Save time when you need to park

Less stress

You gain energy.


You spend less on gas to park


Less CO2 released

private spot

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A private Parking just for you!

You can book rent a private parking space created by the Spotiz community!

You can see in 1 click all the Parking spots near your destination, and compare the prices and features you need!

Street Spot booking

Save time and money!

You need to park in a safe parking space, right from your smartphone you can see available Parking spots with all details in your hands.

You can compare prices and location, connect and book directly from the app.

  • Detailed features: covered, gates, guardian, …
  • Availability : you only see available parking spaces
  • Pricing: See prices in real time
  • Reviews: You see all comments and marks before booking
  • Book directly in the app and connect with the service provider

For Parking Spot : Hourly? or Subscription?

When you add your spot, you decide how you want to rent it. Either for a few hours with different drivers or by subscription, it’s always the same person who rents your spot.

With the money you earn with the Spotiz application, you can use it to park in Spotiz spots thanks to your integrated wallet. Parking could cost you nothing!


You rent your spot Hourly. People come and park for a few hours on your spot when you declare it available. You decide the parameters of the rental: price, the minimum number of hours of reservation, and price breakdown according to parking duration, …

Spot availability - spotiz
Time availability
Spot pricing - Spotiz
Pricing per hour


You rent your spot according to the subscription period by a week, month or year with the corresponding prices.
You can also add your terms of use and the driver will see it on the booking flow. Spotiz takes care of everything: availability, bookings, payments, and receipts.

susbcrition availability
Time availability
subscription prices
Subscription sched price

All types of vehicles

Every day you can go around the city with different vehicles, using the same application for all types of vehicles!


More and more

2 wheels

Specific services

3 wheels

Specific services


The right provider

XL Car

Specific services


Specific services

Electric charging

If you need to recharge your vehicle, you will find the solution by selecting the Electric Spot function!

Private Parking spot equipment

You have specific needs for your parking spot, just select the right features for your search!


The parking area is fully lit for your comfort.


Parking is protected from the elements.

24/24 & 7/7

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


The parking lot is closed with a door


The parking lot is guarded by an attendant.


The parking spot is controlled by camera

Electric charger

The parking lot is equipped with an electric charger

How it works?

Find the right Parking spot in 1 click!
Reserve your private parking space

Select the right spot for the vehicle you use, with the right price, then book it with secure payment.

Go and Park

You have all the information to access to your parking spot. When it's time to go, just be directed by the app to your spot.

Comment your spot

Once your reservation is complete. You can comment on your spot to help the Spotiz community select the right spot.

Flexible cancellation rules for drivers!

You receive bookings automatically, you don’t validate them. So you can cancel a booking. Watch out there is an impact on the driver! that is why you have to manage your spot availabilities But you can cancel a spot if necessary.



You can cancel

Before 72 hours



You can cancel

72 hours



You can cancel

24 hours



You cannot cancel

Before 72 hours

72 hours

24 hours

*The reimbursement of the driver is made on the amount paid for the reservation.

Flexible cancellation rules for owners!

You receive bookings automatically, you don’t validate them. So you can cancel a booking. Watch out there is an impact on the driver! That’s why you have to manage your spot availabilities, but you can cancel a spot if necessary.



You can cancel

you will be charged on Booking amount.


Before 72 hours



You can cancel

you will be charged on Booking amount.


72 hours



You can cancel

you will be charged on Booking amount.


24 hours



You can cancel

You will be charged on booking amount if driver cannot access to your spot