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On street spot

Find the closest charger to your location, you will be able to keep pace!

Park and charge!

On private spot

Spotiz app provides all available chargers from providers and other Spotiz users 

How Spotiz provides available chargers in the street

Spotiz is connected in real-time with data providers specialized in electrical chargers.

These data providers specialize in vehicle chargers’ data.

Spotiz's users can indicate to other users, while chargers are not noted on the map

Users from the Spotiz community can notify their electrical spot, and to other users when they are finished charging their vehicles.

electric spot

Types of plugs for your EV

For each charger, there is a different type of charging plug. In the search filters, you can select the outlet for your vehicle and find the closest charging station from your location. When you add a charging station that is not on the map, you can also add the type of plug supported to the charging station.

Green City & Green Community

Spotiz wants to be at the forefront of green mobility by offering more charging points for electric vehicle drivers, given the shortage of available chargers.

The community of electric vehicle users will thus be able to make their chargers available to develop the network of charging stations and, above all, make their investment in their station profitable!

Add your private electric spot in the app to make your charging station profitable and give back to the electric vehicle driving community.

Charge & Park

The average charging time can be very long and superchargers are not available everywhere, especially in city centers! That’s why when you go to the city with your electric vehicle you need :

Spotiz users offer you answers to your problems because you can :

Vehicle type

You can also select the type of vehicle for your “Park & Charge” as you may need more space to park your XL car or be careful with your rockers for your sports car!

3 vehicles in electric spot type:

Easy search

You can find the best charging station for your needs depending on your search criteria.

Nearest place

Check on the map to find the nearest electric spots in the orange around when you're on the road. You can also check with the filters for Private spots, by selecting the feature "Electric vehicle charging"

Vehicle type

If you need a big space for your big car, you can select a Private spot, the spot where you can charge by just selecting "XL Car" and "Electric vehicle charging" on the filter. This feature will be available for 2-wheelers this year.

Plug type

Just select the filter for electric spots, then select the type of plug you use. Click on Go, and all orange electric spots will be shown on the map with the type of plug you selected!

Street or Private

If you want to charge your vehicle urgently, just go to the street chargers indicated with orange points on the Spotiz map. For instance, You want a space only for you because you want to charge while your vehicle is parked? Just check on the filters for Private spots, by selecting the feature "Electric vehicle charging"

Book now or in advance

You can also check on filters with Private spots, by selecting the feature "Electric vehicle charging", and clicking on "Go". Update times and location on the home screen, and private spot with electric charger will update. Then you will book your private charging spot in advance and payment is included (parking and charging).

spotiz app present

Add your private spot with charger

Have you invested in an electric charging station or do you wish to invest in a charging station? Make it profitable! In addition, you’ll be doing other electric vehicle drivers a great service.

Investment profitable :​

Rent you private spot in Spotiz.​

Secure payment :​​

Payment is made at the time of reservation.​

Charge for free :​

Charge your vehicle at other Spotiz private spots with the money earned.

Public visible : ​

Your spot is available at your convenience. You will be doing a service to the EV community.


How can I find a charger now?

You can check in the app all street chargers around you on map, it is indicated with an orange point with number of chargers available. You can see the type of plug when you select it and see the power of charger in comments.

How can I find a private charger?

At the top of the home screen, go to filters, then select “Private Spot”, and in features select “Electric vehicle charging” to the right of features. Click on Go, and you will find only the private spots in blue that have a charger on map.

How can I notify a charger station on Spotiz map?

If a charger is not notified on map, then you can do it to support all electric vehicles community. Just go on bottom scree to add a spot, and select electric spot. Just see if the address is OK, and select type of vehicle & plug type. ou can add notes important for users like power of charger, … Just click on add a spot it will be available on map.

How can I remove a charger from Spotiz map?

If somebody notify a fake electric charger, then you can report it in selecting this electric spot, and report it to Spotiz. After 5 notifications, we will automatically remove the spot from the map.