Resources are not inexhaustible

Many blocked assets can be made available to the community by the community. This promotes sharing economy, ecology and local solutions.

A collaborative platform managed by its users.

Simplify mobility, investment and people connection through our mobile app. We want to facilite the #sharingeconomy, #People2People and #sustainability.

A new model of community valuation

Spotiz is a Web3 company, whose mission is to foster the last mile mobility with its community. The collaborative economy makes greener economy, while measuring the eco-responsibility of projects and our users.

Spotization is our Web3 strategy to develop the sharing economy, the collective intelligence and sustainability!


Our priority is the mobility of the last kilometer

The kilometer that costs the most in time, money, stress and pollution!

The mobile application allows to value unoccupied parking spaces, to create a collaborative and local economy between users, to rate users’ actions, and to know the carbon gains obtained per user (2024).

The Evergreen blockchain fund allows our users to become investor members to buy parking spaces or charging stations, to make them available to the community.


All question about

You will find below what are our motivations to improve mobility and sharing economy. We must also listen to our users and their expectations.

Our definition of a Spot is the meeting point between two people. This meeting point produces a ripple that benefits an entire community.

This is the story of Spotiz, with its 4 co-founders coming together to produce a community platform that makes it possible to :

  • Make dormant assets (parking spaces) available,
  • Produce a collaborative economy (rental of spaces and services),
  • Inform the community of the value of a product or service (rate and comment on services).
  • Sharing the value of assets (tokenization)


We therefore looked at the innovative models offered by the community economy and the tokenization of application use, which are fully adapted to our values and challenges.

This led us to propose our Spotization models.

We are currently working on new use cases requested by our users.

Platform for the sharing economy and community spirit.

We want to structure the sharing economy and community on mobility. The last mile is the one that costs the most in time, money, stress, and especially in pollution!

  • Parking spots.
  • Garage spots.
  • Street spots.
  • Electric spots.


According to our Community feedbacks we will set up new types of spots.

We want to create new models of community valuation through tokenization. Using Spotiz, our members will have participations on the use app level


Collaboration & Local


We believe in the spirit of collaboration to find simple solutions to complex problems. One person has information that can help another person and the accumulation will solve a global problem, that’s collective intelligence!


You consume differently, you make money for someone who provides you with an indispensable and often cheaper service. The purchasing power of everyone is improved. The collaborative economy allows to come back to the local and to privilege the link between the people becomes an operating scheme. The sharing economy allows to own goods or services in community, to share the value.


Spotiz manages projects with an impact, particularly those based on ecology. With Spotiz, we want to make ourselves accountable on this subject, give our users indicators of their carbon credit, and lead projects in favor of ecology. We will also reward and motivate our most active members.

Mobility is a major polluter and particularly the last mile mobility. Spotiz wants everyone to contribute to mobility by saving parking time, freeing up parking spaces, and pointing out charging locations for green vehicles.




6 month travel all over the worl to find my place!

All medium and big cities got the same problem to manage mobility and make downtowns easy! And some got good experiences and set up the idea to our App Spotiz!


Meeting with other people in India: Top 1 over traffic cities in the world!

I meet very good people who knows perfectly this problem, and their passion to make life easier in this context. Our product team was on track.


What a special year! context is becoming really different
and we decided to develop Spotiz App.

9 months of development and new features arriving thanks to a very dynamic development team!


Launch in Switzerland to make parking easier for all type of vehicles in cities!

Switzerland can enjoy Smart Parking through collaboration. Private parking feature is really appreciated by our 1’000 users especially in Geneva. More than 3500 chargers for electric cars are available in the application throughout Switzerland.


Launch in France to facilitate parking and develop the spirit of collaboration

More than 4000 users trust us, especially in Paris, with the Street Spots! The spirit of collaboration is starting to make a difference when it comes to parking. More than 500 chargers for electric cars are available in the application throughout Paris.


Launch in India

We launched in India and have a great traction there!  Community spirit is very strong and our app is really answering through mobility chaos in India. 


From the collaborative economy to the participative economy & Launch in Africa

We learned a lot about collaborative models, sharing economy and impact. We will able to propose our models with Spotization to involve more our users and members on Spotiz  activity & results through tokenization.

After our success in India,  we focus in some countries in Africa : Ivory coast, Senegal, South Africa & Nigeria. 



Traffic monitoring is a big issue! It becomes more complex with
all type of vehicle cruising in the cities!


Number of cars in

2025 vs 2015

30% Vehicles

Traffic cruising for

the vacant spot

%20 minutes

Average Time to

park in the cities

Chargers claimed

in Europe in 2024

1 Million

US congestion

costs by 2025

$160 Billion

Moreover cities needs to optimize spaces and parking for all type of vehicles.

Using app

Easy to collaborate

The community is involved and gives its opinion on the services of other users in real-time! Each user will be able to rate a registrant’s street spot service, rate their experience of a private spot, and confirm whether a charging station is present!



Ticketing system in the app

Our users can report their problems or needs directly to us in the application by sending messages and feedback to the support center. The answers are done directly in the application.

Our website support center

News & Media

A subject debated by the media because it talks about mobility
policies in cities and the constraints generated for users!



Airbnb of the parking spot” to “smooth out the traffic.

The app that finds you a parking spot !


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