Spotiz, a Web3 startup in collaborative mobility, is delighted to announce the appointment of Achille AGBE as Director of Financial Strategy. 


With a focus on financial innovation, Achille brings impressive expertise in financing high-growth companies, tokenizing assets and harnessing collective financial intelligence.


As Spotiz continues its ascent as a pioneering startup in the participative economy, the arrival of Achille AGBE in the team marks a turning point in the company’s financial trajectory and the realization of its vision.


A forward-thinking financial visionary


Achille AGBE joins Spotiz with an impressive track record of financial leadership within startup ecosystems, investment funds and international organizations. Achille’s expertise in the tokenization of corporate assets is set to revolutionize traditional investment approaches, while fueling innovation within Spotiz. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of startup dynamics, Achille is ready to implement the strategies that will accelerate Spotiz’s ambitious growth plans.


Recognized expert in financial innovation


His prowess in financing high-growth companies has been highlighted by a series of awards (Forbes 30, Money 2.0 Dubai, …), making him a leading player in this field. His vision of asset tokenization and sense of financial innovation promise to accelerate the way Spotiz will grow and extract value from its assets. All this while promoting the efficiency and agility of its financing model.


Enhancing collective financial intelligence


One of the cornerstones of Achille’s approach is the effectiveness of collective financial intelligence. Spotiz partners and their community will be the first to benefit from this, thanks to innovative participative models geared towards green finance. Already present in Switzerland, France and India with nearly 15,000 registered users, Achille’s experience is a key driver in the implementation of this strategy for 2024.


“We are delighted to have Achille join the Spotiz team,” said Christophe Rencien, CEO of Spotiz. “His expertise fits perfectly with our goal of revolutionizing the participatory investment landscape and our rapid international growth. With Achille AGBE at the helm of our financial strategy, we are poised to create unprecedented value for our partners and community, as well as drive the financial innovation that will shape our sustainable development success.”


About Spotiz:

Spotiz is an innovative Web3 startup dedicated to last-mile mobility with its community. The kilometer that costs the most in time, money, stress and pollution! The collaborative economy makes the economy greener, without intermediaries.

Spotization is our Web3 strategy for unlocking assets, developing the sharing economy, collective intelligence and sustainable development!


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