What is a

Street Spot

A Street spot is a public parking space located on a street. As a Spotiz

member, you can notify or connect a Street spot.

Be part of a Collaborative community with Street Spotin in real time!

Free to use: Notify or connect to the best street spot!

No more time and energy wasting!

You know when the spot was declared.

  • You can notify Street spot Spotiz members in real time
  • You can connect to a Street Spot to find your parking spot
  • Just pay the duration of your parking spot with local rules

You can do it for all types of vehicles!


2 Wheels

3 Wheels


XL Car


Electric charging

Help Mobility in your area

Add Street spots on the map!

When you leave your street parking spot, you can indicate this spot to Spotiz members in just 3 clicks !!

  • Select the right vehicle: 2 wheels, Cars, Electric cars…
  • The location is displayed automatically.
  • Publish your Street Spot!
Connect to a Street Spot to park!

You can see when the street spot was declared to select the last declared or the closest one!

  • Select the right vehicle: 2 wheels, Cars, Electric cars.
  • Connect to your Street Spot.
  • You can call the declarant to be sure to get the spot!

Why help community?

Be part of the collaborative community to find great on-street parking spots.

If you leave your Street spot, let Spotiz users know!


Notify Street spots around your store for your customers!


You could need it as a driver, to support mobility in your area!

Support Spotiz users, you could be the next one to need a street parking space!

What do I win?

It’s important to add spots at the beginning to get the community spirit going on-street parking! Keep talking about it and get people to download the app so that the spirit of collaboration in your neighborhood grows.

The more spots you declare, the more spots other users will declare because they know it will be a great service when they need it.

We are also preparing a loyalty program to reward you when you are a “Power User”.

Why declare street spots?

This is an important issue because many people are looking for places to park! And especially at times when there are many people.

The reasons to declare a street spot :

Easy done

In just 2 clicks it's done! Select the type of vehicle and add the Street Spot. You will see it immediately on the map. Available for others!

Less pollution

A vehicle that drives 20 minutes to find a place emits 1400g of CO2, Spotiz will save time for the drivers, and the air quality will be much better in your neighborhood!

Be of service

You could be the next to turn for a long time before finding a place! Unleash the community spirit!

More recognition

Other users who have connected to your Street Spot will rate you because you have helped them. You can be the best Street Spotter with 5 stars!

Less fines

Often we park in places that are not real spaces because we are in a hurry. In this case, find a real spot quickly. Especially for motorcycles that now have to park in spaces.