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Win time with Street Spots

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What is a Street Spot?

A Street spot is a public parking space located in a street. As a Spotiz member, you can notify or connect a Street spot.

Be part of collaborative community with Street spots in real time!
No more time and energy wasting! You know when the spot was declared

Free to use: Notify or connect to the best street spot!

You can do it for all types of vehicle!

Check how it works!

Help Mobility in your area

Add Street spots on the map!

When you leave your street parking spot, you can indicate this spot to Spotiz members in just 3 clicks! ! 

Connect to a Street Spot to park!

You can see when the street spot was declared to select the last declared or the closest one!

Why helping community?

Be part of collaborative community to find great onstreet parking spots


You leave your Street spot, let Spotiz users know!


Notify Street spots around your store for your customers!


You could need it as a driver, support mobility in your area!

Support Spotiz users, you could be the next one to need a street parking space!