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A new model of community valuation

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Resources are not inexhaustible; many blocked assets can be made available to the community. This promotes ecology and local solutions.

Simplifying mobility through community, facilitating the sharing economy, and inducing carbon footprint gains. We are “People to People”.

...To Spotization

The sharing economy model has disrupted various industries, and car services are no exception.

Spotiz revolutionizes the way people win money, find, book, and utilize vehicle services with its tokenization model. This promotes ecology and local solutions.


Use Spotiz and take part in our cooperative economy!

Our mission at Spotiz is to promote the sharing economy, and the People2People relationship, while measuring eco-responsibility

Our users and providers are part of our economy. That is why in 2024, we will share with our users/members app use participations  through tokenization.

“The more I use Spotiz app, the more I win!”

Simplifying Mobility services


Spotiz app is dedicated to its community to find its place in the city faster!

  • Save time and money by finding the right services at the right moment
  • Earn money by offering your services in the application
  • Feel good knowing that mobility spots are recommended by community
  • And above all, safeguarding sustainability by finding the right spot through our app

Tired of looking for a vehicle services?

Thanks to its community, Spotiz shows you where mobility services spots are available around you in real time .

3 Types of Spots

4 Types of Spots

Garage spot

As a professional or individual garage provider, sell your services with complete control! You can seel your services as Maintenance, Tires change, Brake pad change, Cleaning, Towing, … It is straightforward to add your spot with all details on the map.

  • All booking and prepayment processes are fully integrated into the app

  • You can add as many spots as you want for any type of vehicles

  • You can use your credits to use services in your turn

As a driver, A vehicle service just for you! You can buy maintenance, Brake pad change, cleaning, … created by the Spotiz providers!

  • You can see with just a click all the Garage spots near you, and compare the prices and features as per your desire!

Private spot

As an owner, Monetize your Private spot availability with complete control! You can rent your private parking spot for free time availabilities to Spotiz community. It is straightforward to add your spot with all details on the map.

  • All booking and payment processes are fully integrated into the app

  • You can add as many spots as you want for any type of vehicles

  • You can use your credits to park in your turn in the city”

As a driver, A private place is just for you! You can rent a private space for as long as you want thanks to the new parking spaces created by the Spotiz community!

  • You can see with just a click all the private spots near your destination, and compare the prices and features as per your desire!

Electric spot

Find the nearest charger for Electric Vehicle! When you need to charge it is as soon as possible and close to your location! 

  • Select the correct type of charger: Type 1, Type 2, or Tesla, …

  • The location of available chargers is displayed automatically by providers or users

  • Go and charge your vehicle!

Go into Private Spot spaces that got a charger:

  • It will be only for you

  • You can book it in advance

  • You pay easily in the app

Street Spot

Add Street spots on the map in just 3 clicks!

When you leave your street parking spot, you can indicate this spot to Spotiz members! 

  • Select the correct vehicle: 2 wheels, Cars, Electric cars, …

  • The location is displayed automatically

  • Publish your Street Spot!

Then a driver can connect to your spot and find a parking space in a couple of minutes, he/she will save time, money stress, and pollution!

Why declare a street spot? The more spots you display, the more spots other users will claim.

Parking for All Vehicles



More and more people want bicycles in their cities but where to park?

2 Wheels

2 wheelers

Motorcycles must now be parked in regulated places or paid spaces but what to do when there are no spaces to park?

3 wheelers

In some places, 3 wheelers autos generate a lot of traffic. Where to find a parking space for them?


The main source of transportation that wants to park in the city centers. Is there enough space?

XL Car

It is very difficult to find a spot with enough space. Where to get a spot for my car size?

Electric Car

More and more electric cars are evolving by the day. How to find an E-charger?


Disabled persons should park as close to their destination as possible but how to find a handicapped parking spot?

Green Mobility

The last kilometer

“In mobility, the last kilometer is the one that costs a lot of time, energy, fuel, pollution, and fine particles. Spotiz is involved in Green Mobility by supporting its users to find parking spots and charging points.”

20 Minutes

Average time to find parking
spot along with the problems that happen

Fine particles

Cars searching parking
spaces generate :


Urban pollution

Spotiz Solutions : 

Book your spot in advance

Charge your electric vehicle to the nearest street point of charge :

  • +500 points of charge indicated in Paris
  • +3’500 points of charge indicated in Switzerland

Park & Charge at the same time with Spotiz private spots

Need to offer your Mobility services?

Monetize your vehicle spots with complete control!

You can offer your Parking, Garage, Maintenance, … services to the Spotiz community. Whether you’re a individual or a professional, it’s easy to add your Mobility services with all the details on the map.

  • You can add as many spots as you want for any type of vehicle
  • All booking and payment processes are fully integrated into the app
  • You can use the credits you’ve earned to purchase services in the application in turn

Be visible in the app in just a few clicks

  • As a service provider, fill in your contact details with your documents on the application
  • Add the type of spot you propose: Private parking, Garage, Electric charger … with all the services contained and the corresponding prices
  • We validate your application and you’re instantly visible on the app’s interactive map!

Your services are available in Spotiz map

  • All Spotiz users will see the services you offer on the interactive map.
  • With service details, prices and ratings from other users, they can then book directly on the app.
  • You receive the bookings notifications 
  • You produce your service on the dates requested by users.

Media Talk About Us

Eco-mobility is a hot topic in all major cities around the world to reduce the number of vehicles in city centers, but how to manage a large number of vehicles and strong constraints suffered by users? Spotiz and its community bring sustainable solutions through collective intelligence.




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Users comments


Super convenient! Easy to use app that allows me to rent my parking space during the day 👌


The best parking app ever ! Easy to use and more we are using the app the better because it is collaborative. 🙂


Finally, we all thought about it! Very easy to use app even if it's a bit long to create your private spot but it's normal because you have to secure your data


Super practical, very good app, easy to use.


Due to the application, my parking problem has been removed forever 😍


Very happy with this application: I found a private spot very well placed and inexpensive in the center of Geneva at Eaux vives! Easy, fast and efficient 🤩 An essential app for parking in town 👍


Great app very effective 😁

Download it!

Marketplace: The dynamic map is a marketplace indicating parking spots in real time. Park stress less, at the right place, and at the right price!

Collaboration: Members create new parking spots available for other users! Everyone wins time, energy, and money!

Electric mobility: Members can see all chargers available around them. Mobility is easier with Electric vehicles!

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