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#1 Collaborative Parking App

Simplifying parking through collaboration!

Tired of looking for a parking spot ?

Thanks to its community, Spotiz shows you in real time where spots are available around you.

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we are helping people who are looking for a near parking space

User Friendly

You got all designed app to use it easily and help community

All vehicles

You can notify or book for any type of vehicle you are using


You communicate with other members to have the right spot

Go and Park

You are automatically directed to your spot with Spotiz GPS

Spotiz app is dedicated to its community to find its place in the city!

All process are available to make your life easier!

Smart City​



Be part of a community that helps its members park easily!

Monetize your Private spot availability with full control!

You can rent your private parking spot free time availabilities to Spotiz community. It is very easy to add your spot with all details on the map.

we are providing a multiple type vehicle parking spot

Add Street spots on the map in just 3 clicks!

When you leave your street parking spot, you can indicate this spot to Spotiz members ! 

count of electric spot

Find the nearest charger for Electric Vehicle!

When you need to charge it is as soon as possible and close to your location! 

we are helping people who are looking for an electric charging station

A solution for all vehicles parking

2 wheels

More and more cities want 2 wheels in the city! How to park everyone?

3 wheels

In some places, autos generates a lot of traffic. Where to find a place to park?


The main type of vehicle who wants to park in city centers. Is there enough space?

XL Car

It is very difficult to find spot with enough space. Where to get a spot for my size?

Electric Car

More and more electric car in the city. I need to charge now, where can I find it?


Disabled persons must park as close as possible to their destination. But where?


Find and book the best spot!

No more time and energy wasting! You will find the best parking spots: on street or private. 

All private spot details are available in the app to select the right spot.


You support your city!

Spotiz drivers instantly see your spot according to its availability and the reservations you have received!


Less carbon dioxide cruising with car.


Collaboration makes easy life.


You spend less gas finding your spot.


You win energy in your vehicle.


You win time to find a parking spot.

Spotiz members are connected to support community to have easy life in Smart City


Check how it works!

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Our key points


The dynamic map is a marketplace indicating parking spots in real time.

Park stress less, at the right place, and right price !


Members create new parking spots available for other users!

Everyone wins: time, energy and money!

Electric mobility

Members can see all chargers available around him

Mobility is easier with Electric vehicles !


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